Adventist Church Berlin-Spandau

Adventist church on site

The Berlin-Spandau Adventist Church was founded in 1909 and currently has around 100 members.
Our community center was built in 1951 and offers space for over 200 visitors.

Our missionary mandate, which we take from the Holy Scriptures, the Bible, is:

With God's help, we want to turn people who have distanced themselves from the church into devoted followers of Jesus!

We want to be a bridge to life for people, as the motto in our community logo says.

Values that serve as a guideline and benchmark for our actions towards others help us on this path:

Gift-oriented ministry, prayer, love, empowering leadership, cultural relevance, devotion, community

Our strategy is aimed in this directions:

  • Supporting people in following Jesus
  • Supporting children
  • Supporting families
  • Supporting the financially weak
  • Promoting community

Adventist church worldwide

The Seventh-day Adventists are a Protestant free church with over 20 million members in 215 countries around the world.

We share with all Christians the belief in Jesus who, through his death and resurrection, gives all people who believe in him the possibility of eternal life.

In accordance with his promise, we believe that he will come again and create a new earth. Hence the name Adventists (latin adventus: arrival).

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